Inflation – Silent Killer

Inflation – Silent Killer

Like heart attacks, inflation is often silent.  Remember to consider the plans you have for the future will seem more expensive.  The dollars value, and your time may have a lower value in the future.  Its important to have your money working to both grow in value, and outpace rising costs. 

Many savings accounts are paying less than 3%, and real inflation, should major repairs or expenses be incurred are growing over 4%.  College tuition has exceeded 6-7% inflation per year.

Careful planning is necessary to lay a strong foundation.  With salary and social security increases being around 2%, it’s easy to discover how people seem to be falling behind especially with medical expenses dramatically increasing!

Win the game by considering the long-term expense of interest, inflation, insurance costs, investment costs, inflation, and impulsive spending. 

Keep and “eye” on the “I”

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