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ENDURING PROSPERITY - that is what we really want!

After 28 years in the financial services industry, each day is more exciting as I assist God's people and stewards, along with their families and employees, with a simple plan towards enduring prosperity.

Why? Shouldn't you have a secure position, eliminate debt, and build wealth? Repeatedly, the world has one crisis after another. With a simple crisis relief pattern revealed in the Scriptures, we can profit, find better opportunities and further the Gospel, to the saving of many!

Online classes and short radio messages on stewardship offer insight that incorporate a wide variety of simple profitable financial strategies. When the process is simple, why not know how to have income protection, wealth management, growing businesses and retirement/illness preparedness?

Our mission is providing God's servants with innovative, effective and financially sound solutions in our increasingly noisy financial environment. (who is making it so confusing?) Did I mention that these simple money making strategies are old and predate the US Federal Income Tax. Since they existed before, and have been protected for people who plan ahead, they provide big income tax advantages. Tired of trying to keep up with new tax codes as taxes devour more of earned income and IRA's? Ever notice how a plan the government creates gets more complex as it is then changed, and changed, and changes again and again? Why not use simple plans the government didn't create?

Be free! Be rewarded! Be empowered to rescue others!

(Did you read how Abraham had 318 men trained for battle and that they rescued Sodom from 5 enemy kings? Did you read how Abraham didn't keep the spoils but returned them to Sodom? Can God enrich and prepare us so much? How many people worked together and lived and travelled with Abraham and Sarah? What did Abraham know about attracting people to God? Who believes God?)

Lets get to know Him better, man. Call, email, or text me. (440)746-0963 or set a 15 minute virtual coffee with me, today

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